It is time to gear up your Yahoo marketing as their latest announcement confirms an integration with Yelp. After replacing their CEO, Yahoo has continued to see significant improvements to their overall product offerings, and improved online reviews are the latest and greatest feature for local dentists.

It Starts with a Local Business Listing

Listing your dental practice in local directories is an essential step for coming up in a local search. Since most of your patients come from close by, Yelp marketing has been an excellent tool for providing local information along with online reviews. New patients want to know what their experience will be like before ever setting foot in the door, something Yelp does very well.

Now, when someone searches for a local dentist in Yahoo, the Yelp rating system, information, reviews, and images will show up. This is an excellent way to provide patients with the data they need in order to select your practice for their next dental examination. It is important to note that if you are not listed in the directory or doing Yahoo marketing, you probably won’t show up as an option.

The Local Search Leader Used to Be Yahoo

Yahoo used to be an industry leader in providing local business information that was integrated with mapping software. They gave up the fight to Google, but since Marissa Mayer has become CEO that has changed. They are refocusing,and this integration will make a large difference in the overall functionality of a local Yahoo search. As they continue to advance, Yahoo marketing will become more and more essential as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Fortunately, your Yelp marketing plan can stay the same. The work that you do to promote your Yelp profile, solicit online reviews, and provide quality information will automatically populate into the Yahoo local search as long as you are in their business directory.

The integration with Yahoo and Yelp is already available on desktop and mobile devices so you can benefit from Yahoo marketing through both platforms. Statistically, your click through ratio increases exponentially if you have a pay-per-click marketing campaign running at the same time you come up on a local search.

Increase your online success and attract more patients by focusing on more than just Google for your online marketing needs. Social media, Yelp Marketing, Yahoo Marketing and more should all be included in your overall marketing strategy. Diversification will help to ensure your success.