Online reviews are essential for reputation management and can help to increase your conversion rates. The majority of consumers say that the use reviews to help them make a buying decision. Both Yelp marketing and Google marketing offer tools for obtaining reviews and displaying those reviews to users. As a business, it can be difficult to know which site you should focus on and the answer is both. By understanding how they work you can allocate time and energy towards focusing on obtaining online reviews that will help your business grow.

The Facts About Yelp and Google Reviews

Piper Jaffray did a study where they analyzed Yelp and Google+ reviews to better understand review patterns and their impact. They looked at 950 places across twenty cities as part of their research. The study found that Yelp marketing is important because the site significantly outpaced Google+ in the number of online reviews. For every 142 Yelp reviews there were only 69 reviews on Google+. Additionally Yelp reviews have an average of 784 characters where Google+ only has 161. Users are spending more time, and therefore energy, when writing their Yelp reviews. To further prove this point, 25 percent of Google+ reviews had stars only without text. Google marketing still needs to improve their review tools in order to increase user engagement in this area.

Some people have criticized Google marketing that focuses on a star rating instead of text based reviews, claiming that it only encourages users to stay within the Google system. While that may be true, the number of reviews on Yelp speak for themselves. Yelp marketing isn’t going away, and users are still enjoying both posting and reading reviews on the site. As a dentistry, it is important to have a strategy in place for generating online reviews, as they can help to increase sales and new customer visits.

Both Google marketing and Yelp marketing have a strong influence on consumer buying decisions, making it important to check your pages on a frequent basis. Identify any misinformation or reviews that need to be responded to. If someone gives you a negative review, respond promptly and defuse the situation. People will see how you handle the review and either like you for it, or understand why the customer was upset in the first place. As longs as you have someone in place to manage your online reviews, they can be extremely helpful in growing your business.