Exercise Caution When Purchasing an Existing Domain

Some business owners are inclined to purchase an existing domain, thinking that it will help with their organic marketing. That is not always the case. During the web development phase use The Way Back Machine (online) to see what your ideal domains have been in a past life. It will bring up the websites that were associated with the domain. This is extremely important if you are looking to purchase one for several thousands of dollars. You need to make sure that the content on there was high quality and that the site wasn’t penalized by Google or Bing. Many domains are sold for that exact reason,and this could hurt your organic marketing efforts as your site could be weighed down by old baggage.

If the domain appears to be clean, no former penalties, consider how purchasing it can help your business. Will you save time, money, or will it generate revenue in the future? If so paying thousands of dollars could make sense. If having the perfect domain won’t generate dollars identify an alternative.

You can purchase a domain using a creative name or word combination for under $100. If you take the money you saved and invested it in organic marketing, web development, and a paid search campaign you could end up with better results faster.

In order to determine the best strategy you need to ask these questions, keeping in mind that Google says that using your business name only is their best practice:
1) Will having the perfect domain draw customers to me or will I still need to heavily advertise?

2) Does the domain I want have any baggage?

3) What is my overall marketing strategy?

Consider Your Marketing Budget

If purchasing a high value domain causes you to have little to no marketing dollars left over, it is probably not a sound business strategy. You will still need to invest money in organic marketing and a paid search campaign to drive initial traffic to your site. You also need to make sure that you have sufficient funds for quality web development. If you have the ideal domain,but an outdated website,you will have a high bounce back rate.

Online marketing requires a comprehensive strategy to see significant results. It is important to develop a plan that you can stick with because any business requires nurturing and ongoing care. The online space is no different. You need to continuously focus on building your online reputation, quality content, social media presence and reviews regardless of your domain name. Dental SEO Sites can help by promoting your practice online.

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