As a dentist office, it is important to hone your marketing strategy to leverage the power of online reviews and social media. Patient reviews are the best way to grow your business because nothing is more compelling than the recommendation of a friend. Online reviews are the new word of mouth, making it important to capture them and share your patient reviews on both social media and your website.

Showcase Your Reviews

Start by asking your satisfied patients to review your dentistry practice. You can take written reviews and ask your web development team to post them on your website. If they give you a review online using Facebook, Yelp or Google – even better. This way they are already published, and your web development team just needs to copy the review to your site and include a link back to where it first appeared. This adds a level of credibility and allows users to read additional reviews.

Build Social Media

You should simultaneously focus on building your fan base on social media. The time you invest in this now will pay off dividends for years to come because most people that like or follow you now, will continue to do so well into the future. Once they do, you can continue to stay in front of them without spending more money. This gives you the opportunity to gain more customers, ask for referrals and share online reviews with a captive audience. If one of your fans gives you a review, there is a chance that their friends will also see it and trust your dental practice as a result.

If you are trying to build your business by increasing your patient base, you can use these methods to do so. You can also target your social media advertising to be geared towards a specific group of patients. For example, with Facebook you can target exactly where they live, their gender, how old they are and even their interest. As a dentist practice, this can help you to get more of a certain type of patient. You can even target people that are fans of the local school or PTA. When you get this specific, you can include a recent online review in your ad. For example, “My children love visiting Dentist XYZ” – Riverside Elementary School Mom. This personalizes your advertisements and works extremely well with social media.

Tie It Into Your Website

When speaking with your web development team let them know what marketing activities you plan on doing through social media and paid search. This way they can adjust your site accordingly. We recommend focusing on specific key benefits through all platforms. For example, if you want to be known as an amazing kids dentist, your website should have content that discusses this, a banner ad that represents it visually and a social media campaign that promotes it. You should also have online reviews that speak highly of the feature or service that you are trying to promote. By making these changes, you can ensure that the users experience is consistent regardless of where they find you.

These simple tips can help you to grow your patient base with the type of patients that you are looking to attract.